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The Indian Iris

A complete policy portal for Indian Citizens to know each and every government scheme and benefits from them. Read the simplified version of obfuscated scheme documents! Create your profile, submit your interests and get the relevant schemes.

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Join R

A platform that allows you to discuss, share, and engage the members of your community such as village, society, organisation and social groups in meaningful conversations. Also get the information that you require the most.

Citizen Entitlement Engine

A searchable database of government schemes for micro small and medium scale industries (SMEs, MSMEs), Students, women, elderly, armed forces, pensioners, and more… Search for the matching schemes, Check eligibility, and get benefits… COMING UP!!

What we Do

Bringing positive change via quality information, in-depth research, and expert management consulting services.
Think Business! Think Positive Ventures!

Positive Ventures, via its portal, offers well researched information on government policies and schemes of India. Our team offers valuable advice on all policy matters, providing you insights into useful polices & schemes for your business, and guiding you how to avail benefits. Our project management team helps Entrepreneurs in setting up projects, and businesses while keeping the your needs and aspirations in mind. Our management consulting layer helps you overcome the toughest of business challenges, solve operational issues, and steer the business towards sustainable growth.

  • Delivering information that matters the most

  • Using technology to reach masses

  • In-depth research and analysis to help individuals, businesses, and governments

  • Expert Management and Project Consulting at affordable prices

The Team

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Narayan Singh Rao

Founder & CEO
Narayan is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in technology, research and consulting. He is an alumnus of IIT Roorkee and IIM Ahmedabad.

Pravin Pal Singh

Consultant,Solar energy

Pawan Kumar Panwar


Akash Ranjan

Research Associate